Silanes & Additives

Si-Linq has a broad offering of silane technology at the highest quality standards:

  • Acetoxy silanes including ETAS, PTAS, MTAS, VTAS also available in custom blends in order to optimize curing speed
  • Oxime coupling agents (MOS, VOS, Low Meko solutions) for neutral formulation compounding
  • Epoxy silanes (both methoxy and ethoxy versions)
  • Mercapto silane
  • Vinyl silanes (VTMO, VTEO) for plastics industry and as water scavanger in sealants/adhesive formulation
  • Octyltriethoxysilane
  • Methyltrimethoxysilanes (MTMS)
  • Alkoxy silanes (ALP 100 and ALP 200) for both filled and unfilled systems
  • Aminofunctional silanes (AMEO, AMMO, DAMO) as well as specialty oligomers (AM500)
  • Catalyst for neutral and hybrid formulations

All materials are standard available in our warehouse in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. For full range of products including the technical specifications please contact us at